the success in failure!

i absolutely adore this video from @MarieForleo. it’s so encouraging. as i struggle with setbacks on this journey to success (as most of us do), i learned that failure and success are on the same road…success is just a little further ahead.

how reassuring is that?!

check out the video for more gooders…

free book downloads on amazon?


“we did it, we did it, we did it, hooray!”

thank you to all of my lovely supporters. with your help, the last two books of my #SoKoDiaries book series have been updated and are exclusive with amazon kindle. (the KDP program to be exact). because i’ve received so much support from amazon over the last year and a half since the realease of my first book, “SoKoDiaries: An American Teacher Living in South Korea,” i decided to publicizie solely with this amazon for the next 3 months. NOTE: you can still buy a paperback book on createspace, as well as amazon.

anywhovers, i hope you guys enjoy my reading journey as i traveled to south korea and then returned to my humble abode, los angeles, california!

thank you so so much. and a little nugget for ya, today (7/13/14) is the last day for FREE book downloads for volumes 2 and 3. yes, you read it right. FREE book downloads on…GO! GO! GO! :-)


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#BETExperience: faith evans – tears of joy (live).

to all of my faith evans fans out there, this video is for you (us)!

#BETExperience recap!

yesterday, i woke up (well, God woke me up) and i said, “i wanna go to a few events from the BET Experience.” i wanted to go last year but in true nailah form, i talked myself out of it. well, not this year. i got out the bed, took a shower, got dressed, grabbed my satchel and i was ready for the train. i’m so thankful that i live walking distance to the blue line because it stops right in front of the staples center in downtown los angeles. though the (free) festivities were at the convention center, i just walked about .020 miles and i was there. BOOM! no traffic. no parking fees. no problem!

i walked around the “main” area for a while and scoped out the many booths, food trucks and vendors…

IMG_0181 IMG_0197

all the free give-a-ways and i got a fan because it was hot…and i’m a church girl!


i passed by the celebrity basketball area and i just couldn’t….there were entirely too many people.


i made my way to the BET area and heard a little bit of the interviews from the cast of BET’s “The Game.” the next time I am that close to hosea chanchez…help me Lord!

IMG_0187 IMG_0189 IMG_0191 IMG_0194


alas, i made it to what i am convinced was the BEST event of the night, “Acoustically Speaking.” an intimate setting with live music and great vocalists (and talib kweli)!

IMG_0200 IMG_0199 IMG_0201 IMG_0203 IMG_0205 IMG_0206 IMG_0207 IMG_0208 IMG_0210 IMG_0211 IMG_0212 IMG_0213 IMG_0216 IMG_0219 IMG_0224 IMG_0225 IMG_0226 IMG_0229 IMG_0230 IMG_0235 IMG_0255

#miscellaneous video of the day: do it for the vine…

this video will probably never get old…

my 29th birthday: catalina island!

how do you celebrate the last year in your 20′s?

well, i faced a fear and booked an impromptu trip to catalina island. i am not necessarily afraid of the island, it’s the “getting there” that doesn’t sit well with me. since i was a little girl, i’ve been afraid of large bodies of water. some would call it aquaphobic. but i am glad to report that i made it. i am alive! i traveled to and from catalina without vommitting or breathing into a brown paper bag like i did when i was in the 5th grade. God is good.

anyway, here are a few pics that i took with my canon powershot. i decided to put away my iphone and go back to taking pictures with a digital camera…and i made a facebook album! lol. yes, i did.

ps. more birthday celebrations and pics will be following this post.

IMG_0054 IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0064 IMG_0068 IMG_0070 IMG_0081

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are you really from LOS ANGELES?!


i found this interesting and surprisingly accurate online article titled, “35 things only real angelenos know about L.A.” as a native los angeles’er, i think it’s great when other natives dispel a few myths (and share secrets) about my favorite city. because L.A. is so popular, you hear a lot of glitz and glam stories leaving natives like myself thinking, “oh, they must not be from here ’cause we don’t really do that!”

anyway, i copied a few of my favorite quotes from the article…the ones that stood out to/for me. i’d love to know what you think!


The best way to get to LAX never involves the 405. If someone tells you a route that does, don’t listen to them. That person is an idiot and not to be trusted.

We measure our romantic partners by traffic: “Yeah, she’s super cool. She’s smart, funny…but I’ll never see her again. She lives on the Westside.”

Everything else, we measure by parking:

Our friendships are measured by parking: “I would come to your screening, bro, but I got a really good parking space … and tomorrow is the street cleaner so… y’know.”

Nightlife is measured by parking: “Ohmygod! I love the food there more than I love my husband. Oh, but we can’t go there. We’ll never find parking.”

 Oh! And we also measure distances by time not by miles like most other Americans. You see, none of us knows how many miles it is to anywhere. But we can tell you the time it’ll take you get there within three minutes. (<– this is my probably my favorite quote. so true! LOL) 

You don’t go to Runyon Canyon for the hiking. You go for the flirting. Same for just about every dog park in the city.

 Depending on how you count them, some say we have three seasons: Winter/Spring, Summer/Fall and Awards season. Others say we have: Fire season, Mudslide season and Summer.

Our freeways are more important than yours. You take Interstate 80. You give directions to I-95. Our freeways require the definite article. We take The 5 to The 10 to The 405 to The 101.

Some people will tell you Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has the best coffee drinks. Other people will tell you Peet’s makes the best drinks. But everyone agrees: Starbucks is the best place to meet an unemployed screenwriter.

We all have celebrity-sighting stories. Ones we‘ll never tell you. (I ran into one at the bank this morning). Unless, we totally love that particular celebrity we don’t bother them. We don’t care if Jay Leno is at the same gas station. We just assume Jay needs gas, too.

Real Angelenos move here and convert.

 True Angelenos were born here and don’t accept the converts.

Most Angelenos would never be caught dead calling themselves an Angeleno.


aah, i can relate. i’m so L.A. :-)


making “school of roses” with @christongray!

get into this…immediately!

this dude is MAJOR in a MAJOR way. congrats to christon gray.