#thankfultuesday: pessimists, realists & visionaries.

thankful tuesday
it takes a certain type of bravery to be a leader! (click to tweet)

it is hard to break away from the traditional way of thinking (and doing) in order to birth a dream. ever since i was a little girl, i knew that there was something different about me. and not different in a derogatory way, or even an egotistical way, but i knew that i was not a part of the status quo. after prayer, a few life lessons, and spiritual and natural revelations along the way, i finally understand how to live the life of a leader. i’d be lying if i told you that it is easy or that you will never feel lonely. i’d also be lying if i told you that you will never wish you had more support. my biggest lie would be admiting that it is not worth it. IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!

i remember reading somewhere that there are 3 types of people: pessimists, realists and visionaries. a pessimist is very negative. but what is interesting about pessimists is that they are almost always right. why? because they predict the worst and that’s what usually happens in their lives.

realists are glorified pessimists, in my opinion. they don’t want to be embarrassed or lose face, so they set low standards and goals for themselves – goals and standards that are easily attainable. (i used to be a “realist” for a season in my life, but i’m so glad that God helped me get over that hump b/c i have learned that FAITH overshadows “realism”).

lastly, i want to talk about visionaries. these are the people who try. the people who fail a lot, but they never give up! these are the people who take a lot of heat from pessimists and realists who think they should just give up and try something a little more “normal.” i consider myself to be in this category and i am not apologetic because of it. i love being a leader and i love being a visionary because i feel closer to God this way.

what type of person are you?


#LHHHollywood (parody).

first, let me apologize to my readers out there for messing up blogmas. i couldn’t even make it to december 12th and everybody loves 12 days of christmas. prayerfully, i will stick to it next year and will even add vlogmas to the mix. :-)

that being said, let’s move on to the purpose of this post. i like good entertainment, but reality T.V. can get really artificial and buffoonic (<--is that a word?) and “love & hip hip hollywood” (LHHHollywood) fell into the disappointing categories. i admit, i started watching LHHHollywood because i actually was a fan of the artists when i was younger, AND i am a native L.A. resident so i was interested in how they would portray my hometown. mind you, i’ve never watched – or cared for – any of the other LHH shows. LHHHollywood just intrigued me. but you know what intrigued me more than anything? this parody of LHHHollywood that i found on youtube. it’s genius! LOL

the highlights:

hazel e’s lipstick….so mean, but i did chuckle
ray j riding up that escalator and revealing to the world that he’s “on linkedin”
omarion’s introduction and beard
soulja boy’s tattoos and the phrase, “she (nia) is so independent, i aint even have to help her make her daughter”

#blogmas: day 8.

everett-and-jones-bbq in oakland
this blogmas post is in the form a food review. i walked to the infamous “jack london square” in oakland on my lunch break and came across the restaurant “everette & jones bbq.” so, i went in and ordered a smoked chicken lunch special (that came with potato salad and wheat bread) and added a side of yams. i know you’re probably thinking, that’s a little heavy for a lunch meal, but it’s okay. i’m not offended. LOL.

anyway, the smoked thigh and leg were very well-seasoned and saturated in enough BBQ to where i didn’t have to ask for extra sauce on the side. in my mind, that’s already a plus. the potato salad was a bit mayonnaise-y, but it was tasty nonetheless. and them yams? YES. they were on point. i really wanna say “on fleek” but i’m still not sure what that phrase means. ha!

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#blogmas: day 7.

logo for no homework

although i love higher education, and learning, and flexing my brain muscles, i also love the free time that i once had before i decided to go back to school. i can’t even fully get into the holiday spirit because i have a paper due every time i turn around. maybe santa claus can speak to my professors on my behalf and tell them to lighten my homework load for christmas.

that would be nice.


#blogmas: day 6.

i know i’m not in korea anymore, but every once in a while, i like to groove to the sounds of k-pop. especially when it’s so soulful like this track from double k. aye, don’t judge me. i am a music lover and i’ll take a good beat over some english any day. LOL.

happy holidays y’all.


#blogmas: day 5.

new york protests for eric garner

there are still people protesting in new york city and i, too, am still praying for justice, but moreso salvation.


#blogmas: day 4.

themiscfiles - chris brown singing this christmas
i am thankful for christmas radio stations, christmas songs and christmas ballads. they’re magical. i was in a bit of a somber mood today and i heard chris brown’s cover of “this christmas” on my spotify playlist, and i almost broke out into a one-person soul train line. it was uplifting and cheerful.
just what i needed.
happy blogmas (day 4)!

#blogmas: day 3.

venice beach in los angeles

with all this unfortunate news in the world today, it’s really hard to be jolly and in the holiday spirit. from the passing of a family friend to the injustice(s) in america with the “no indictment” verdicts of the mike brown and eric garner cases. not to mention the countless injustices that are not publicized. although i am heartbroken for so many families and loved ones, i still find peace in God. He is the only constant in this ever-changing world.

i encourage everyone to look to Jesus during these trying times (and any trying time) because He is ALL the answers that we need.

peace & blessings.