#CHAPTER30: the westin bonaventure hotel.


first up in my #CHAPTER30 blog series, also known as my ode to my (upcoming) 30th birthday, is the westin bonaventure hotel in downtown los angeles! ever since usher’s music video for “you don’t have to call,” i’ve wanted to face my slight fear of heights and ride the infamous outside elevator.

well, i did it. by myself . and i almost passed out, but i’m still alive. LOL.

there’s more southern california fun to come. if you’ve missed my introduction to this new blog series, you can catch up by clicking here!

stay tuned!


dirty 30.

nharv in pink

hey there, beautiful people!

so guess what? it’s may 17th and my birthday is around the corner. but it’s not just any birthday…it’s a milestone birthday! Lord willing, i will be 30 years old on june 11, 2015. yes, the dirty 30! i have so many mixed emotions: i’m excited for the new decade because i feel like i’ll have a clean slate to start over and make something of myself. (not that i’m not successful in my own right, but you know what i mean). i also feel sad because i have a few regrets from my beloved 20s. i don’t have many regrets, but the few that i do have are depressing me, and they’re not even that bad. like i wish i would’ve stayed at a couple of jobs longer and maximized my bank account. and i wish i would’ve taken better care of my body so that i could wear skimpier clothing. you know, stuff like that. :)

i digress.

the countdown to my 30th birthday has begun. it’s not only another decade, but it’s another chapter in life. what am i doing to celebrate, you ask? i’m challenging myself by doing 30 things i’ve never done and/or haven’t done in a while. but the gotcha gotcha is that all events/happenings will take place in my favorite city, los angeles!

we will call this blog series: #CHAPTER30.

who’s ready to go on this ride with me?


#GrammarCheck: their, there, they’re.

do you know the difference between their, there and they’re?

click the video (below) for the answer.

enjoy your grammar lesson!

#DearMe: advice to my younger self.

in celebration of “international women’s day,” i would like to join the youtube campaign and present you guys with a video of me giving advice to my younger (teenage) self!

what advice would you give your younger self?

#GrammarCheck: new year resolution vs. new year’s resolution.

let me start off with a disclaimer letting everyone know that i am NOT the grammar police; however, i know a few things about grammar and would like to share them with my over-zealous social media posting rookies. i hate to be so sarcastic and snarky, but i want us to make better choices (or double check our spelling & grammar) before we post on the world wide web. and by all means, PLEASE HELP ME when i mess up. let’s all help each other and save the english language one step at a time.

book review: “the misadventures of awkward black girl” by issa rae.

ABG-issa rae-by the miscfiles

the misadventures of awkward black girl is clever, funny, and easy to read. i, literally, read it in two sittings. it would have been one sitting, but i started reading it late the first night and my eyelids closed before i could force them not to.

i can relate to issa rae in so many ways…like having divorced parents, going to school in compton  (although i experienced elementary and middle school in compton, but went to a nerdy high school in carson), struggling with my weight,  embracing my tomboy tendencies, and not fitting in at 9-to-5 jobs.

the author’s tone throughout the book was serious, yet playful. issa talked about very important family and personal matters, but made the content digestible and not-so-heavy with relevant cultural examples, sarcasm….and well, wit.

i briefly met issa rae at her los angeles book signing this past february 11th and discovered that we went to rival high schools. that was cool and made me feel more connect to the artist

have you guys read the book?

what were/are your thoughts?



although it is february, i just made a video to celebrate the release of my new book, or should i say, short story. on january 15, 2015, i celebrated dr. martin luther king jr.’s birthday by releasing my 27-page literary work. i felt inspired as an african-american (black) woman on that very day and i thought it would be appropriate to publish a book. this was/is my first time trying my hand at fiction. so, be gentle with the book reviews! :-)

i love you guys and thank you, in advance, for your support.

click here to purchase my book: http://amzn.to/1wpszDJ


n.harv aka “nailah harvey”

#GrammarCheck: happy new year vs. happy new year’s.

ever have that one person in your family, or that one person on social media who messes things up grammatically (and you don’t know how to correct them)? do you know at least one person who always says, “happy new year’s” instead of “happy new year?”

well, maybe that person doesn’t know the difference between the two. that’s where I come in.

click on the video below to get a quick lesson…for free! LOL :-)