i’m getting married!


“she’s so smart,” i said. my college professor was a 30-something african american (black) woman who was more interesting than the business law class that she taught. sure, she was beautiful, well-spoken and highly educated, but the most interesting thing about my college professor was her confidence. she just looked like she was living what she loved. i wanna be like that one day, i thought to myself every class. that was my dream: educate others. be in control of my time. and represent for women of color. i didn’t know the specifics of the dream at the time, but i believed it would all be clear eventually.

life after college was tough. unemployment knocked at the door more than i welcomed it and my confidence (which was attached to my possessions) was in danger. although i was blessed to have accomplished some awesome goals in my 20s (i.e. graduated from multiple colleges, lived overseas, self-published books), there was still something missing. i still felt disconnected from my dream. i still sought after what i felt was right for me like “safe” government jobs and K-12 teaching gigs, but i never gave my blog and writing skills an honest chance. i never saw it as an avenue to educate others, be in control of my time and represent for women of color. i never thought it was possible for this introverted black chick from compton, california to be a person of influence and her own boss.

well, that mindset and false reality has changed. i’m not sure if it was turning 30 this year or following business and blog greats like mattie, maya elious, myleik teele, pat flynn and so on. whatever flicked this entrepreneurial light of mine and recharged my esteem, i just want you to know that i’m grateful for you. this “aha moment” is here to stay! (thank you Jesus!)

i’m tired of living below average emotionally because of my fear to put in the “above average” work. i’m tired of feeling inadequate around my younger brother and cousins because i feel i should have more hope to offer them. i’m tired of going to fast-food restaurants and ordering from the value menu because i don’t want overdraft fees on my bank statement. LOL. i mean, i’m doing okay financially, but i’m not where i wanna be or where i’m “post to be.” get it? too corny? okay, sorry.

i digress.

moving forward, i will no longer hide behind my comfortable talents of classroom teaching and administrative assisting for sole income. i will push myself to move past my talents and focus on my gifts. people often come to me for help with writing, whether it’s an email, a self-published book or a 4-page letter. i’m THAT girl! and that’s okay, you know why? because i found my target audience. now, i have to narrow my focus and help others hone in on their writing skills. after a million years of blogging, i’ve finally found my niche. i know there are strategies i need to incorporate branding wise (i.e. email lists, web design update, quality content, etc.) but it’s coming. for real this time. after all these blog study sessions, periscope classrooms, and podcast parties i’ve been having (for research), i’m finally ready to IMPLEMENT. in a nutshell, i’m ready to walk in purpose and marry the dream!

love you forever,

3 beauty secrets i learned at age 30.


wassup, good people!

i thought today would be a great day for some beauty advise/tips/secrets! i don’t know what it is about 30, but all of a sudden things are just clicking. for instance, my low maintenance beauty regimen is finally working out in my favor and i’m pretty geeked. how geeked? i’m so geeked i’m writing a blog about the 3 beauty secrets i learned at age 30. with sharing this info, i hope to help someone else save their coins and time. sharing is caring!


1|| use products before buying new ones
don’t be a product junkie. it’s not a good look. stick to the things you really need – which is hard when we live in a world with youtube (monthly) favorites. but if you live in a smaller house like i do, then seeing a million product bottles will drive you crazy. do yourself a favor and stay sane.


2 || use essential oils
why? they have multiple uses and they are the ingredients in most beauty products. plus, it’s cheaper to buy them a la carte. for example, i keep a jar of organic coconut oil (approx $6) at hand because i use it as moisturizer for my face and hair, cuticle softener, and i’ll even put it in my frying pan when i’m out of olive oil (but that’s neither here nor there).


3 || be consistent
i can’t advise this enough. i was notorious for trying out products for a couple of weeks and getting anxious when i didn’t see quick results. then i’d stop using the current products and try new ones without giving my skin and body a chance to adapt. i had the wrong attitude and i am proud to say that i am now a little more gracious with my body, skin and time. i wait for results and give products an honest chance before i keep ’em or trash ’em. (but i’m too cheap to throw things away so i’ll either use an entire product resentfully, or i’ll give it away).
what are your beauty secrets? let’s have a discussion in the comments section.


love you forever,


#thankfultuesday is moving to 4GS!

thankful tuesday

hello good people!

i have a big announcement. okay, it’s not big…but it’s relevant! the blog segment “thankful tuesday” or #thankfultuesday is moving to my blogazine “for gospel’s sake.” why? because my blogazine contains Christian-based content, so i thought it would be the perfect home for #thankfultuesday. this blog, “the miscellaneous files” will still have inspirational content, but it will be more focused on writing, blogging and grammar.

i’m trying to be a better businesswoman, be more intentional with my online presence and be more valuable concerning the content my blogs provide. (a little tip i learned from the mattieologie blog). meaning, “the miscellaneous files” will be my personal lifestyle blog to help encourage others to stay true to their personal brand of eccentricity. i will do so by providing writing tips, e-books, online courses and more! on the other hand, “for gospel’s sake” is my professional blogazine and provides multifaceted kingdom (Christian) media. it also has guest contributors. i think i would like to keep the two blogs as a separate business entity while still holding true to my beliefs and personality. pray for me. LOL

anyway, check out the first #thankfultesday at www.4gospelsake.com this upcoming tuesday, july 28, 2015.

love you forever,

#CHAPTER30: love & basketball, vespaio & more.


the birthday pictures above are pictures of:

you can read my last post about my 30th birthday celebration by clicking here.


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#CHAPTER30: katsuya, south korea & more.


the birthday pictures above are pictures of:

  • nothing bundt cake red velvet cake (this is special to me because it wasn’t just your typical red velvet cupcake or cake…it was a red velvet bundt cake. this was a perfect addition to my “red velvet tour”)
  • lyfe kitchen in west hollywood
  • the music center in downtown los angeles
  • katsuya restaurant
  • i didn’t capture pershing square :(

*BONUS* my second book, “SoKoDiaries: Culture Shock (Vol.2)” was included in the curriculum at Pacific Oaks College. (i also filmed a youtube video for the course explaining my diversity experience while living and teaching overseas in south korea).

you can read my last post about my 30th birthday celebration by clicking here.


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young beyonce.

young beyonce and her church voice. she sounded good for a little girl…

…but it was the spin at the end that did it for me. LOL

#CHAPTER30: grand park, LACMA museum & more.

grand-park-LAcalifornia-fish-grilltomboys-world-famous-chili-hamburgerLACMA sign LACMA-korea LACMA-korea LACMA-korean-history LACMA-lights LACMA lights LACMA LACMA LACMA LACMA LACMA LACMA LACMA LACMA-nailah-harvey

so, my actual birthday was (is) june 11th, however, my 30-for-30 birthday celebration challenge was throughout the month of june. (hopefully admitting this will excuse my late blog posts). anywho, i think it’ll be best to combine the next few “chapter 30″ blog posts into three. that way, we can have quantity versus quality. and i can finally close out this blog series.

the birthday pictures above are pictures of:

  • grand park in downtown los angeles
  • california fish grill
  • LA county museum of art (LACMA)
  • i didn’t capture my new iphone6 that my parents bought me. neither did i capture my new life insurance policy and retirement plan. these things were actually on my birthday bucket list if you will, and i’m glad that God worked things out for me.

you can read my last post about my 30th birthday celebration by clicking here.


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#CHAPTER30: moca museum.

as a true artsy fartsy nerd, i spent way too much time at one the best museums in L.A….the museum of contemporary art (MOCA)!

okay, enough with the talking and on with the pictures…

MOCA-museum-artMOCA-museum-art MOCA-museum-frames MOCA-museum-colors MOCA-museum-canvas IMG_8352 MOCA museum MOCA-museum-american-flag MOCA-museum-kahlil-joseph

you can read my last post about my 30th birthday celebration by clicking here.


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